In the world of work, safety is an investment. Even today in Italy every year there are about 670,000 accidents, of which about 1,000 prove fatal, and around 28,000 cases of work-related illness. These are huge numbers and they cause distress for workers and their families, problems for businesses and carry high social costs. Now governments are rewarding virtuous companies with subsidies to purchase new machinery and safer equipment, implement training schemes and promote OHSAS 18001 certification, amongst other things.

Our work consists in ensuring the safety of employees in the workplace, looking at ways to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses. You can contact us with no obligations, and we will help you to finds ways to comply with current laws in order to avoid penalties without generating costs, while adding value to your company, with a positive outcome even in economic terms.

For us, each company represents a microcosm and we therefore devote all the time necessary to listening to its story, fully understanding its ways of functioning and the context in which it works. Only in this way can we offer a truly effective and sustained service, creating value-added for all our clients.