Food is life and ensuring a good, adequate and sustainable diet for all the inhabitants of the planet will be the main topic of the Expo 2015. We help you to properly manage production processes in your food business in order to enable you to comply with increasingly complex and overlapping standards, producing healthy foods to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding clients thanks to our expertise in management systems and quality control.

In practical terms, we help our clients to analyse their core and ancillary processes, identifying critical control points and reporting them in the internal audit checklist (HACCP).

Whether it’s a family-run pizzeria or a large industrial slaughterhouse, our team of experts can help your company to operate in complete safety to the entire satisfaction of your clients.

With the certification of the your Quality Management Software (ISO 9001) we aim to streamline business processes and make them more fluid, identifying strengths and above all areas for improvement, making your business more competitive on the market.

In order to pass on to our clients all the skills needed to independently manage their business in full compliance with current laws, we provide training on all topics related to safety in the workplace, food safety and management systems (environmental, safety and quality).

We can offer this wide range of services thanks to the multiple and varied skills of our team of experts, which is nevertheless united by a common denominator: taking care of our clients and the common desire to fully understand the reality of firms in order to meet all their individual needs.

We are located in Milan, in a strategic position that allows us to provide a rapid and efficient service throughout Lombardy, as well as in neighbouring regions.