As regards safety in the workplace, we conduct inspections and checks of safety in firms, we prepare business risk assessment documents, we provide advice how to identify the appropriate experts, and offer them the relevant training.

Concerning working environments, we carry out checks to identify any specific risks: chemical hazards, we conduct microclimate and photometric studies and also verify that lighting is satisfactory in the workplace, etc.

We also provide occupational medicine, managing preventive medical check-ups and periodic health checks for workers.

In greater detail:

  1. Inspections and checks of safety in firms in accordance with the Legislative Decree No. 81/08 and subsequent modifications.
  2. Drafting of business risk assessment documents pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 81/08 and subsequent modifications;
  3. Advice and assistance on the periodic updating of risk assessment documents and implementation programmes;
  4. Advice and assistance on selecting and appointing members of the Prevention and Protection Unit (PPU):
    • Head of PPU
    • Representative of Employee Safety
    • Medical Officer
    • PPU employees
    • Members of the fire and evacuation team
    • Members of the first aid team
    • Appointment of external head of the PPU
    • Assistance to the head of the internal PPU
    • Assistance with the creation and development of the internal PPU where appropriate
    • Advice and assistance in the field of machine and plant safety (Machinery Directive – Legislative Decree No. 81/08).